The Great Atari ST Game Survey 2020

What’s all this then?

Well, it’s been over a decade since the last one, so I think it’s high time we updated the survey to find out what the community’s favourite ST games are!

What are the rules?

  • Vote for up to 5 games in order of preference.
  • Your top game will receive 5 points, your second 4 points, your third 3 and so on.
  • Each person may only vote once.

Anything else?

  • If you don’t have 5 favourites, don’t worry! You can still vote, and those games you do vote for will get their due points.
  • Feel free to add comments. They may even appear on future videos and articles! The more personal the anecdote, the better! I love hearing about your nostalgia and intimate connections to the games.

Where can I vote?

Basically, anywhere I see your response, I will add it to the database ready to be counted. Think carefully, choose wisely, and above all else: have fun!

How can I help?

If you would like to help, then please share the posts, tweets, videos etc. as widely as you can. A survey is only as good as the responses and the more people that vote, the more valid the data becomes and we can say we have the definitive list of favourite ST games.

Then what will happen?

Last time I did this, people were pleasantly surprised to see that I didn’t just post a list of results, but broke each game down, listed important details and gave them a write up with screenshots. I plan to do the same again, but with a bit more pizzazz this time around.

Why are you doing this?

Well, one of the most common questions I still get asked after all these years by people who have just picked up an ST, discovering it through emulation, or revisiting the machine and looking to play games they might have missed out on is: “What games should I play?” This survey and the resulting list could be a great resource for those people.

Thanks for reading and responding! Stay Atari /|\

15 thoughts to “The Great Atari ST Game Survey 2020”

    1. Thanks Martin! Your votes have been added to the list. North and South is getting a lot of love. I am pleasantly surprised!

  1. 1.Startrash…I just adore how weird the game is, a very surreal atmosphere with the graphics and the music fitting to perfection. Plays like Snake Rattle & Roll had a kid with Marble Madness or something like that.

    2.Black Lamp…Game has it’s flaws but i’m still amazed at how big the game world feels both when I played it originally in the early 90’s and even today, screens for miles I tells ya. Animation is still top notch and I love that title screen music.

    3.The Adventures of Quick & Silva…One of the best run & gun platformers on the ST for sure, I used to be pissed at it for parodying Mario in game but I’m cool with it now. Quick & Silva gives me that far away look in my eyes thats for certain.

    4.Crystal Castles…Never played the arcade original but Andromeda Software did an outstanding port here. One of the first games I remember playing on the ST right from the medway boys was(not was) cracked disk. Boatloads of fun.

    5.Kid Gloves 2..Played an early demo of the game with a coverdisk from ST action I think? great little platform game full of hidden collectables, me and my brothers would play it over and over looking for anything we may have missed. Finally beat the game a year or two ago.

    And done! now let me have a looksie here……
    …hmm, Harlequin should also be in there, oh and Mcdonald Land as well. WAIT.. what about Airball? Exolon? and I can’t forget about Little Puff In Dragonland now can I. D/Generation or maybe Mission, I love Mercenary 3 – The Dion Crisis a bunch or what abo????
    why only five choices way too many happy memories to list, alright Marc you win five it is (the five up top to be exact). Cheers man I don’t have a youtube account but I am a big fan of your work, keep it up stay safe and what not. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks, Depressive! Your votes have been added to the database. One of things I love about this is seeing some different responses, and boy! yours are very different! And thank you for your kind words. They really do mean a lot.

  2. Hi! Great survey dude! Here’s my list:
    1. Wings of Death
    2. Nitro
    3. Supercars
    4. Blood Money
    5. Captain Dynamo
    Bonustracks: The Chaos Engine, Xenon II, Turrican II, Lemmings, Gods, Another World

    1. Thanks, Chuck! Your votes have now been added to the database. First vote for Nitro! I bloody loved that game.

      1. Yes! I spent a lot of hours playing Nitro with my friends, 2 players and lots of fun!
        I made a mistake before, I wrote Supercars but in fact it must be Supercars II, sorry. Can you change it please?

        1. Can do! I must say that a vote for Supercars 2 does make more sense to me, especially as the ST version of Supercars is a little lacking!

  3. Hi,
    Excellent idea, my top 5:
    1. Colonial Conquest by SSI. Can’t count how many hours I played this game
    2. Defender of the crown
    3. The great giana sisters
    4. Terramex
    5. Panza Kickboxing

  4. You’ve pretty much covered my favourite games but personal nightmare is one that scared the crap outta me as a kid but up there with dungeon master is the bitmap bros finest game Cadaver. For curiosity though try and get hold of the demo disc for the game as well as the guide. Do the game first then read the guide, has a surprising twist.
    Can’t remember if it came on the magazine the one or zero…

    1. I remember that the magazines had exclusive Cadaver levels that didn’t appear in the game. Such a cool idea. Those Bitmaps, eh?

  5. Hey! I can’t wait to see the final top 5 this sunday! All the games that I rated have already apeared, except Xenon II, Nitro and Captain Dynamo. I wonder if some of them will be in the top 5. Probably Captain Dynamo will not be there (underrated and almost unknown game, but one of the best ever), but Nitro and Xenon II MUST be in the top!!!

    1. I’m planning to do a ‘hidden gems’ video soon to highlight some of the great games that didn’t make the list. So a couple you’ve mentioned might make that video! And today I’ll be releasing a ‘snubs’ video of games that just missed out, or have fallen out of popularity since the last time I did the survey.

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