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    1. Hey Barry!
      Never say never! I definitely miss making ST videos, but I find it really hard to find time to record. I work long hours and live in a small house with my family, so it’s too noisy, and I would be too noisy if I waited for them to go to bed. The only time I get to record is when I have the house to myself, which is extremely rare. But like I said, I miss it and would definitely like to make some more. I’m just not sure when.

      1. it’s really nice to hear from you.. at the time of watching your videos I didn’t have an ST, I was just reliving the time in the late 80’s when I did have one – vicariously through you. I have since, however, obtained a 520stfm in great condition, but with a dodgy floppy drive.. (£70 on ebay) and have hopes of fitting a gotec (I know, I know.. but finding another floppy drive and using disks although it would be amazing, seems to be a bit of a nightmare) I’d love to upgrade memory but from what I’ve read the model I’ve got it’s difficult to update.. having said all that, just having the machine again is such a nostalgia rush to back when I was 16 and had saved up money from my paper round along with birthdays/Christmas and selling my Amstrad 6128.. haha.. This sudden resurgence of interest made me want to look you up..

        anyway, I totally understand about your situation, and I wish you all the best for 2024.. I’d love to stay in touch..

        1. Great to hear that you’ve made the plunge and bought a real ST. I love emulation, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. I’m in the same boat with the floppy drive. Mine went kaput a few years ago and I tried swapping it out with 4 other drives and they were all goosed. So I got hold of a HXC floppy emulator and haven’t looked back. It’s a great little device and so convenient. I miss the chug chug whirr of a proper drive, but being able to access nigh on every game and demo ever produced for the ST at the push of a few buttons is crazy. I would love to go back in time and tell a 12 year old me that that would happen.

          Yes, STFMs are a little harder to upgrade as you need to solder the new the memory in. The STE’s memory just slots in. To be honest, with a 520 STFM you should be able to enjoy 95% of the ST’s library. It’s just some of the bigger, later games that you won’t be able to run.

          Let me know how you get on!

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