Sunday Papers

Hey everyone. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this weekend. Go there, be happy.

  • Gears of Games played the ST version of Strider. I played this a ton on my uncle’s ST before I got hold of one of my own and I loved being an agile ninja from the future with the swishiest sword that ever did swish. Little did I know how much better a time my Megadrive owning buddies were having. Ignorance really is bliss. A great video as usual from Gears of Games here and it’s always fun watching him get increasingly frustrated at these tough games. It reminds me why I cheated mercilessly at this one. Another serviceable but slightly ropey Tiertex port.
  • PanAnning tried to play Gauntlet. It didn’t quite happen. It was a bit of a reminder just how much worse this game is than the sequel on the ST. Oh, and “Yellow wizard is a giant douche” almost made me spurt tea out of my nose.
  • Pete played Castle Master, one of those Freescape 3D games that were way ahead of their time. I’ve only ever played Total Eclipse, so it was cool to see another in action. They may seem incredibly crude these days, but coherent 3D worlds were fascinating to me back in the day. I would spend hours just wandering around in Damocles for example.
  • There are a bunch of ST magazines in the vaults, so it’s nice to dip in now and again. Today, I read Atari User issue 1 which proudly boasts “Tomorrow’s computers are here!” next to an ST and Tramiel’s face carved into Mount Rushmore! It’s a great hype piece on the upcoming world-beating ST and a fascinating retrospective read.